Write a paragraph about my village

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Write a paragraph about my village

Villages are so silent and calm and pollution free. Though I live in a city with the maddening crowd and sound, my parents used to live in villages and I have been there many times.

Both my parents come from villages, and I look forward to go their places during my vacations. It is so calm and peaceful and the beauty of nature is just fantastic. With not many families around, they know each other so well, that they all almost live like a large family. Though the transportation has advanced, there are still places where you need to walk.

It was such an experience that I guess very few, who are of my age would have had. You could take all the time in the world, to enjoy the beauty, stand in between the fields, enjoy the cool breeze that flows through your hair and the wonderful scent of damp soil, all together making you feel like heaven.

The backwaters are another beauty to the villages. You have small streams that club to the lakes and backwaters.

write a paragraph about my village

This stream water is so fresh and crystal clear. You could walk through them and the cool water just rushes over your feet and makes you feel so cool.

Hours could be spent by simply sitting and admiring the beauty of nature. The sunset is a beautiful scene to be viewed.

The large orange burning ball, slowly setting at the long horizon among the fields is a splendid view that no city could offer you. The nights are so cold and peaceful and one could have a sound and peaceful sleep in the quietness of the village. For all those who have not been to the villages and spent their life among the fast moving gadgets, a break in a while is a necessity and there is no other better place to relax yourself other than just having a visit to a village.

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Study group short essay a essay on journey happy birthday one summer's day essay mp3 download.. Life is a sport essay fair. Jul 06,  · Describe a village you know well I was born and have grown up in the country in a small village beside a beautiful river. My village is surrounded in a hedge of green bamboos.

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as I write this essay, I feel a strong sense of attachment and love comfort, but it also.

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A Paragraph about Village Life