The pigman literary analysis

His young adult novels, on the other hand, reflect an attempt to resolve, through the creative process, problems left unresolved by an adolescence interrupted by a number of events. As his characters developed, Zindel identified closely with them as he placed them in situations in which they must resolve one or more of his own unresolved conflicts. His young adult novels are usually constructed around what he considered four fundamental themes of adolescence:

The pigman literary analysis

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Jane Appling The schoolmate whose family had no telephone; used by Lorraine when lying to Mrs. Jensen; participant in the party. The Coffee Exchange Mr. Conlan's and Kenneth's place of business; a sore point in John's and his father's arguments; a place John hated.

The Hyper John's nickname for his mother, whose nervousness and obsessive cleaning made John feel that he was unwelcome at home. Dixie AKA the Confederate, the bum at the ferryhouse who had lost his concentration, an echo of John's own wild imagination.

Nylon Stockings Lorraine's gift to her mother, an indication of her concern and love for Mrs. Jensen in spite of everything. The Assassin A character in the Pigman's game, used by John to represent the threats he had been using as excuses to avoid responsibility.

Howard Avenue Street on which the Pigman lived; the scene of the teenagers' betrayl of Mr. Pignati's trust; influenced Lorraine's choice of telephone number in the marathon. Literary Analysis-Theme-The Pigman In writing about the Pigman, Lorraine and John try to examine their guilt and ultimately learn something from their friend's death.

Consider this theme of guilt as you answer the questions below. Find examples throughout the novel where John and Lorraine blame each other or blame other people. Be sure to indicate the chapter in which the incident occurs. John blames Lorraine or others Chapter b.

Lorraine blames John or others Chapters 2. Choose five characters from The Pigman who bear some responsibility for Mr. List them in the order in which you believe they are most guilty, and explain why.

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Write your answers on the back of this sheet. John blames Lorraine or others Chapter Lorraine: Lorraine blames John or others Chapters John: That he and Lorraine had to face the fact that they were responsible for their actions and could not blame the others for all that had gone wrong in their lives.

Part of Lorraine's and John's confusion about growing up was caused by their reactions to the adults they knew. In the spaces under each item below, explain the two teenagers' attitudes. Attitude toward teachers a.Find this Pin and more on English Teaching Stuff by Heather Wihongi.

The pigman literary analysis

Comic strips explaining the "Big Four" conflicts Types Of Literary Conflict - Man vs. Man, . The Pigman and Me by Paul Zindel Camp by Yoshiko Uchido & Letter to Scottie by F.

Scott Fitzgerald. Reading Skills: Tone & Word Choice Literary Analysis. Mrs. Cleveland's Classroom. WARRIOR NATION WARRIOR PROUD! Test your knowledge on the novel by Paul Zindel; The Pigman.

The Pigman Novel Trailer. Novel Trailer for Paul Zindel's The Pigman. Literary Analysis.

The pigman literary analysis

William Shakespeare. Shakespeare Notes. . The pigman by Paul Zindel By Kaitlin Sicard and Laura Delmonte G-Period Setting The setting of the text is Mr.

Pignati's house. When they describe Mr. Pignati's house, you can tell who he is by what is in his house. Mr. Pignati doesn't really clean up the place and his house is a mess.

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Go over "Pigman and Me" Review and Assess page 1 3. "Pigman and Me" Literary Analysis (complete sentences) and Language Skills pages of packet (finish packet for homework). Literary Analysis  Literary Analysis Stephanie Butler ENG Introduction to Literature There are many types of prejudice in our world, but in the two literary works “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer and “What it’s like to be a black girl” by Patricia Smith, racism is .

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