The marketing mix of avon company essay

A business must be capable of wisely figuring out and adapting to change. In this statement, I am going to choose Nestle S. A, one of the most successful food processing company on earth to discuss its strategy management process. The business was founded by Henri Nestle in

The marketing mix of avon company essay

Let us start the Avon Marketing Mix: Avon is a leading cosmetic company offering beauty products for women. Though the focus of the company is towards cosmetics, main product categories of Avon also include Perfumes, Toys and Clothing.

The products in the marketing mix of Avon can be understood by studying its product range. Its product range includes make up colour for lips, eyes, nails, face. Skincare products involve brightening, line collectors, fairness and nourishing creams, cleansing lotions. In the category of fragrances, it provides great product depth in women fragrance, body spray and mist, men fragrance, perfume essentials etc.

Though demographically their market is form women, Avon has a great product offering for men in terms of fairness creams and fragrances.

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Since Avon sells modern and complex range of products to its loyal customers, it main follows diversification strategy in terms of horizontal assortment. Avon products are mostly priced on the basis of competitors. The pricing policies vary greatly depending upon the target market and the category of the product the company is selling.

It adopts modern pricing policy for it premium market. In Romania it adopts medium pricing for the cosmetics being manufactured and sold there. Avon set its prices such that its image in market is an affordable and medium priced brand catering to the mass market.

Thus, this gives an overview on the pricing strategy in the marketing mix of Avon. It uses direct distribution and also has a smartphone mobile application. It also offers wide range of products through ecommerce websites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

A typical promotion medium opted by Avon is catalogue. It associates various personalities on the cover page of these catalogues. It launches special release of the catalogues at the time of festivals.

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Having a tie up with the ecommerce website, it offers lucrative discounts and offers and various times in the year. Avon also publishes an online downloadable brochure on its website to conveying its latest offerings. One of the most famous campaign undertaken by Avon was on Breast Cancer in the year The Marketing Mix of Avon Company Essay Sample.

I am to evaluate the marketing mix for the company of Avon. I will examine in detail the target audience, the product line, packaging, pricing, and how the product is being sold.

Avon was founded in by David H. McConnell who started selling women’sperfume door to door.

The marketing mix of avon company essay

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The marketing mix of Porsche will provide high quality of after sale services. The quality of Porsche product is unquestionable, so Porsche gain a sense of trust. The prices of Porsche compared to the same grade of car cheaper, this makes the sales of Porsche cars more than Ferrari which is same grade of car.

The marketing mix is the usual ways of controlling, planning marketing equipment’s that an organisation or a company uses to produce a reasonable and desirable reply from its target market (Gronroos, ).

Marketing mix positioning of Avon with high quality and low price does not affect its strengths as lower price is never insufficient for Avon to cover the cost of quality. Company Goes with the conventional approach of having products similar to the competitors and is succeeding advantageously.

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