Nursing article critique paper

Point 2-Evidence Summary Cochrane Collaboration Database of Systematic Reviews-provides reports of rigorous systematic reviews on clinical topics. The Health Professions Education report IOM, declared that current educational programs do not adequately prepare nurses, physicians, pharmacists or other health professionals to provide the highest quality and safest health care possible. This overhaul would require changing way that health professionals are educated, in both academic and practice settings. Programs for basic preparation of health professionals were to undergo curriculum revision in order to focus on evidence-based quality improvement processes.

Nursing article critique paper

The Nursing process provides a logical and rational way for the nurse to organize information so that the care given is appropriate and effective.

Nursing article critique paper

Although, the process is a scientific one, it is conducted by human beings who can carry it out in a sensitive and caring manner. Hence, the nursing process is both scientific and humane, just as nursing is perceived as both a science and an art.

The nursing process is an orderly process; it is not simply a quantitative approach. It has pervasive qualitative aspects that make the process vital. Actually, these qualitative factors such as the time it takes for procedure-driven documentation. Invariably, the nursing process is presented as a series of four or five phases, with a number of steps within each phase Laoye, The net effect is a procedure that appears linear or at best overlapping or circular and cumbersome.

Unfortunately, in many practice settings, there is Nursing article critique paper perception that the nursing process is desirable but too time-consuming to be practical. If it is not valued, it is not used and many nurses continue to intervene using standardized procedures based on medical diagnoses, rather, than a rationale based on nursing assessment, planning and evaluation feedback.

In a critique of nursing theories, Laryea [ stated that the nursing process can be described in two ways: These authors argued that most nurses do not perceive that their care for their clients is based on the rational procedure of the nursing process: It is individualized in the sense that the product of the activities, that is, assessment, planning etc, that are carried out for one individual, is peculiar to that individual and cannot be used in totality for the care of another.

The activities are interrelated and dynamic in the sense that they are carried out in each of the steps and are dependent on each other to achieve the overall goal, which is effective client care.

Nursing process is a means of unifying nursing practice. The nursing process demonstrates nursing function through the use of science, art, humanity and skills, a combination that is unique and unreplicated.

It promotes consumer satisfaction. The nursing process restores nursing to its primary commitment, which is, determing care to people on a one-to-one basis and thereby eliminating the present tendency to relinquish this overall function to those who are not prepared to fulfill it. It enables the nurse to realize her potentials as an independent decision maker who has command over competencies, which before now were not used in carrying out predominantly assistance-type functions.

Nurses are responsible to a reasonable extent for non- implementation of the nursing process in many ways. The factors from the nurses that hinder nursing process implementation may be considered in the following ways: This indicated that there is a gap between theory and practice.


Ezeh in his study conducted at Eagle General Hospital identified lack of competence and knowledge in the use of the concept as a militating factor against its implementation. The author therefore, suggested that more workshops should be conducted in the state particularly in the areas of nursing diagnosis and scientific rationale.

He also found out that nurses do not have the will or the good spirit resulting from the hard-work to carry out the process.

“Forks Over Knives”: Is the Science Legit? (A Review and Critique) | Denise Minger

Bowman identified that many nurses do not have adequate skills to implement care plan. Block affirmed that when he conducted studies on nursing process implementation in three tertiary health institutions in Nigeria, he discovered that nursing process was not done accordingly, mainly due to the fact that some nurses have lower ability to process information based on intellectual, interpersonal and technical skills.

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Nursing article critique paper

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