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It's a lot to reconcile. As the film sprints through its chaotic prologue, narrative coherence takes a backseat to high-definition visual wizardry; it's a bewildering barrage of footage that looks either spectacular or gallingly fake.

I wanted to write a song for you nichole 337 titanic

FL Thursday, September 14, Pendleton, as reported recently, attempted to apply some of the thoughts and beliefs of several of her peers in the region, clearly trying to dampen property assessments to reflect a market, she argued to the state, which had shifted dramatically in the last half of The Florida Department of Revenue said no dice, contending that Pendleton was far too liberal in her assessments and requiring that the Franklin County property roll be bumped upward by some 20 percent, a fourth quarter blitz for property owners.

On one side, we would argue that the case underscores a flaw in the system and formulas, the state uses to establish property rolls. We can see the wisdom of reaching a common number, or at least one within a few percentage points, but, at least on first blush, there seems a fundamental inequity in a system centered around a fluctuating market but which lacks the ability to adapt on the fly.

In short, to accept and apply feedback from the local appraiser; assess the market as it was last month rather than last year. Somewhere there must be an answer, some tweaks to apply to the system, but that remains the domain of the Florida Legislature, which given the controversy of this year could be compelled to step in.

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On the other hand, Pendleton's case also highlights the lack of clothes on the argument offered by some local elected officials that responsibility for ever-higher taxes was found in cock-eyed property assessments. This is particularly disappointing to consider as final budget hearings are held in the coming week or so.

That disappointment is rooted in the fact that the spotlight on the taxing equation has been shining brightly in this county for more than a year.

In the final throes of last year's budget hearings local businessmen and residents were pressing local taxing authorities for relief, for a retreat in spending and an aspirin for the headache ofispiraling taxes.

During the ensuing year it would be fair to argue that more than a handful of businesses and residents have been forced beyond the county because of the onerous burden of taxes.

A grassroots citizens group was created and grew to advocate for lower taxes and work with local government to rein in spending. Elected officials talked of zero-based budgeting, of operational work order policies, of independent audits to identify areas where spending or procedures were adrift of sound fiscal policy.

Yes, 'commissioners reduced the millage rate, Port St. Joe city commissioners reduced it even to provide a' nominal decrease in taxes. At the bottom line, however, little, if anything was done about curbing spending, other than maintaining the status quo.

The status quo, however, was the issue. No real examination of a bloated workforce. No work order policy to track how money is spent day-to-day. No lessons from the audit to apply. Most importantly, the budget which has doubled and then increased by half again stayed pretty much where it was as commissioners continue to dig deep into their constituents' pockets.

The rationalizing will certainly continue. Blame is not as easily accepted as a free load of dirt. But there is no shaking the feeling that an opportunity was dropped, intentionally grounded or not.

i wanted to write a song for you nichole 337 titanic

It began last year with the untimely passing of Oscar Redd ivho was the longest-serving elected official in the county at the time of this death. This week, with the election of Redd's appointed replacement Danny Little and that of John Wright, who defeated Charlotte Pierce in the first challenge to her seat after 16 years in office, a, so to speak, changing of the guard has been completed.

Regardless of your viewpoint and personalities should be kept at the door in elections Redd and Pierce were notable for their independence and their willingness to ask the hard questions. They understood the constraints on a School Board member so much is approving what Tallahassee has mandated but also the areas where they could 11ave real impact, could facilitate progress.

That they may have made enemies or stepped on toes was largely a product that they understood the job requirements in politics, the adage goes, one can't please percent of the people percent of the time.

Not if practiced properly, if viewpoints are advocated responsibly and civilly, and Mr.You must log in to continue. Log into Facebook. Log In. This is particularly true of these scenes: Thomas Andrews telling Capt. Smith the sinking is "a mathematical certainty"; - The Titanic's band preparing to depart at the end, only to turn around and regroup as Hartley begins playing "Nearer My God to Thee" by himself (though a different version of the song is used in the film).

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