How to write articles of incorporation and bylaws

If you do not have public membership you can skip this Article. Regular Meetings Regular meetings of the members shall be held quarterly, at a time and place designated by the chair.

How to write articles of incorporation and bylaws

Once filed and approved by the state, the articles of incorporation legally create the corporation as a registered business entity within the state. What is Included in the Articles of Incorporation No matter the type or size of your new business, most states require that the articles of incorporation include, at a minimum, the following information: Stock information -- including number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue, designation of classes of shares, and value of each share.

The articles of incorporation will usually identify the incorporators of the corporationwho initiate the incorporation process and are often responsible for signing the articles of incorporation prior to filing with the state. If the articles name the director s of the new corporation, the director s may also be required to sign the articles of incorporation before they are filed.

If you decide to write them yourself, your articles of incorporation will most likely be accepted for filing in your state as long as they contain the minimum information identified above in bullet-point.


In some states, the filing fee varies if the new corporation is a non-profit rather than a traditional for-profit corporation. Next Steps Contact a qualified business organizations attorney to help you choose the best formation for your business.Write Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Now that you have a board of directors assembled, it’s time to write your organization’s articles of incorporation and bylaws.

The day you file articles of incorporation with your state corporate filing office, is the day your organization becomes its own entity, unattached from any individual.

Jun 29,  · If your company were a building, articles of incorporation would be the concrete foundations. Bylaws would be the structure built over the contract.

Writing the Articles of Incorporation. Whether you prepare them yourself, or consult an experienced business attorney for assistance, your new business's articles of incorporation do not necessarily need to be complicated or extensive.

The Difference Between Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws |

If you decide to write them yourself, your articles of incorporation will most likely be accepted for . Bylaws are usually written by the incorporator shortly after filing their articles of incorporation.

how to write articles of incorporation and bylaws

Bylaws can also be created by the board of directors as one of their early official actions. To learn more, read our article about creating corporate bylaws, and if you'd like more information about business in general be sure to visit our.

Although you can amend articles of incorporation, it requires filing additional forms and paying more fees, so you may as well spend time getting them right the first time.

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IRS Publication contains information about the language needed in the articles of incorporation, along with some sample articles. Bylaws vs. Articles of Incorporation Many businesspeople confuse an organization's bylaws with its Articles of Incorporation.

Unlike bylaws, which cover topics such as how the Board of Directors and/or officers are elected, how meetings are conducted, and the types and duties of officers, the Articles of Incorporation state the basic outline of the company.

The Difference Between Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws |