English language learners 3 essay

Academic Language Be aware of the relationship between a student's native language and English. A student's native language will most likely have a strong influence on the way that student learns English. Understanding how this language is similar to or different from English will help you focus on troublesome areas. The influence also may lead to some ongoing errors in English, which will become evident with time and repeated use by students who have the same native language.

English language learners 3 essay

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Watch me grow as tall as you Stretch to the sky - represent the tall giant She will encourage the children to join in singing and miming, and then leave them to repeat the same on their own. In order to make sure that the children understand the song, and can link it up effectively with the main words through actions, the teacher will sing two to three times and have the children depict the actions.

Once it is apparent that the children have memorized the key words and their actions and can sing and perform actions on their own, the teacher will divide the children into several groups, and have different children act out different parts to ensure each one can coordinate their actions and words effectively.

English language learners 3 essay

Home-made props and visuals will be used to not only make the story more memorable, but also link up the complex details of the story with more familiar objects that children interact with on a daily basis. Different-sized drums will, for instance, be used to depict and differentiate the giant's footsteps from those of Jack; and a slide whistle will be used to depict Jack ascending and descending the beanstalk.

The teacher will ask the children to mark rhythms of rhymes and words using rhythm sticks, and also use the main words of the story in groups to develop new lyrics to common tunes such as 'Twinkle Little Star' and 'London Bridge is Falling Down', and 'Row Your Boat'.

This will help her assess the children's understanding of the key words, and how they ought to be used Watts, Practical Task 45 minutes: For the first activity, the teacher will draw an image of a super-large hand and have a copy of the same distributed out to each of the children.

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The children will measure the size of the giant's hand by estimating the number of bean seeds that could possibly fit therein; and then they will trace an outline of their own hands at the back of the sheet of paper, and again estimate the maximum number of seeds that could fit therein.

For the second activity, the teacher will draw out and photocopy the image of a super-large boot the giant's bootand distribute two shoe prints to each child. The children will measure the length of the giant shoe print using cubes, and record the number of cubes taken up, and then they will draw an outline of their own boot inside the giant shoe print, and again take note of the number of cubes used up.

Language Focus 15 minutes: She will compare a number of items in the classroom, for instance, two windows, two boxes, a window, and the door in terms of size. She will convert the same into comparative forms; this window is smaller than that window, the door is longer than the window, and so on.Jul 24,  · The population of English language learners (ELLs) in U.S.

public schools is on the rise. Learn about the most effective ways to teach ELL students (or ESL students), how to create a welcoming classroom, and ways to promote family involvement. ENGLISH AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER DEPARTMENT ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS ENGLISH 3 Grade Level: 11 Credits: 5 BOARD OF EDUCATION ADOPTION DATE: AUGUST 31, essay.

Narrative story.

English language learners 3 essay

Short answer open-ended responses. ACCESS for ELLs. HSPA. Freehold Regional High School District. Nov 19,  · Essay Topic: Classroom Management – Catering for Learners Differences on non-Chinese Speaking Students According to the statistics on the non-Chinese speaking (NCS) student population in Hong Kong (), the higher level of education, the lower percentage of NCS schools.

About the Writers Jacqueline Vialpando, former Assistant Director of Literacy and Language at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), currently teaches English language learners at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, DC. DIVERSE LEARNERS STRATEGIES Table of Contents 1.

Strategies for Differentiation Writing Strategies 2. Gifted Learners 3. English Language Learners 4. Students with Disabilities Differentiation use to present (blog, email, tweet, essay, poem). Therefore, this essay aims to integrate the different aspects that take part in how young learners acquire language skills, with special focus on English as a Foreign Language, different learning styles and classroom management, and their implications to effective teaching and the roles teachers play in learning acquisition.

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