Civil war reconstruction dbq essay

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Civil war reconstruction dbq essay


Reconstruction DBQ The Period of the Civil War, and the Reconstruction after it, that lasted from towas when the nation went through a great deal of change. Through the years of tosocial and constitutional changes were important to help keep balance amongst people. Although many Constitutional and Political changes occurred during the reconstruction, which in essence was a revolution, a negative social response of the South occurred, which created a counter-revolution.

In order to help rebalance the government, and create a new sense of political peace, new changes had to arise.

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The issue of states rights and their role in our government was an ongoing problem and was a main issue in the southern secession in the civil war. South Carolina felt that their rights were being infringed on, mainly regarding slavery, and thus they were the first state to secede from the Union, and that caused other southern states to secede as well.

But the idea of advocating states rights did not bode well with some people, including Senator John Sherman. He believes that the government has given too much power to the states, such as nullification Tariff ofand representation in congress, and this has allowed them to overthrow the government.

Essay title: Civil War Dbq

Abraham took charge in the Reconstruction of the Nation, and worked to fix the Union. He created a Ten Percent Plan that allowed Confederate re entry into the Union, by making ten percent of the states voters who voted in the Election of to pledge loyalty to the Union.

Lincoln worked for lasting peace, and focused more on the Union rather than Black rights. Andrew Johnson favored fast Reconstruction and was accused of being too favoring to the Southern states by giving amnesty to confederate officials. In the midst of a civil and political reconstruction the Civil Rights acts of was created and these revolutions changed the principles of our government.

People like Gideon Welles however believed that the Union did not intend the Federal government to prescribe suffrage but instead to rid of it by constitutional means, and noted that black civil rights was another matter.

Civil war reconstruction dbq essay

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DBQ Reconstruction | Essay Example

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Civil War Reconstruction Dbq Essay beginning of the civil war to the fall of the reconstruction, the United States changed dramatically.

Nearly one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence which declared all men equal, many social and constitutional alterations were necessary to protect the rights of all people, no matter their race.

Students will enhance their critical thinking, analyzing and synthesizing skills often through document analysis along with document based question (DBQs) and open answer essay writing. Essay about Civil War Reconstruction - The period after the Civil War was a very difficult time in the United States’ history.

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