Business plan for restaurant in pakistan karachi

The professional so engage shall submit to the Authority in writing on prescribed form ZP-2 in case of building works of his having undertaken to supervise such work. Change of Professional 3. He shall assume full responsibility as if he were the author, for the correction and competence of all designs prepared by the Professional previously engaged.

Business plan for restaurant in pakistan karachi

Maliha Diwan Updated Feb 21, Humaira has also ordered coffee to cleanse her palate every time she tries a different dessert.

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She first digs into the Lemon Meringue — the signature dish with which she started her home-baked business, A Whisk Come True. I'll have to tell them. But the curd is good," she says. Humaira goes through each dessert with the same level of care — sizing up the presentation and thoughtfully taking a bite as she evaluates each dish.

When she's done, she asks the head waiter to get the dessert chef, Sagar, to talk to her. They go through each dish with no detail too small to discuss. They discuss how to store the cake once it's baked in an air-tight container and how to change its presentation a blue plate — not white — Humaira emphasises.

The amateur baker and mother of two is part of a small but growing number of food consultants that help owners of high-end eateries create new menus, tweak existing ones and train the kitchen personnel and chefs.

The rising popularity of consultants suggests that restaurateurs are now open to spending money where it matters the most — on the food.

And unlike earlier, food entrepreneurs have realised that spending on the menu and ingredients is worth it. People are willing to pay someone to come in to get a [different] menu made," says Maha Javed, another food consultant and founder of Fatsos, a catering service.

Sehr Hafeez Pirzada, who launched the blog Food Review and is a food entrepreneur, points out that consultants are "the best thing that has happened to Pakistan's restaurants. Pirzada says there are probably a "handful of consultants" currently.

Those who are now well-known in the food community, however, keep busy between their catering business and advising their roster of clients. How much is a recipe worth?


The modus operandi is the same for most consultants. While how much is paid depends on the consultant and the owner, the market price, according to Humaira, is around Rs10, per recipe. However, fees can run in the lakhs.

BBQ Tonight in Islamabad apparently paid a consultant hundreds of thousands of rupees to get a Mulligatawny soup on their menu 'just right'.

Shamira Mapara explains that to keep thriving in the culinary world, eateries must not lose sight of what's important — the food Chefs-for-hire also become essential when wanting to put a new spin on an old menu or to make a signature dish or a different cuisine.

The coffee chain, Gloria Jean's, for instance, hired Chef Mehboob a couple of years ago to revamp its menu. Mapara says that the fee can run from Rs, for recipes to at least Rs, for creating an entire menu.

Shamira Mapara says that the fee can run from Rs, for recipes to at least Rs, for creating an entire menu. Pirzada feels that some consultants may charge a lot but the value they add justifies the high fees.

For a restaurant to run well, it needs to be innovative. Out of every 10, two make it. I think this [consultancy trend] could really develop. But often the fare on offer is generic, uninspired and similar.

The rise of food consultants reflects urban Pakistan's love for dining out - Food - Images

All have molten cake, roast beef sandwich and blackened chicken on the menu. Humaira agrees with Pirzada. Even in dessert, she says, the same kind of monotony has crept in.

This is what people are used to having and want. But hopefully, over time, they will be open to different tastes and options.

Food connoisseurs, she emphasises, are finally spoilt for choice. Previously it would have been a Pakistani version.

business plan for restaurant in pakistan karachi

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business plan for restaurant in pakistan karachi

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