Bethesda writing center

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Bethesda writing center

Bethesda, MD I took my first medical board exam here on July If I could make one suggestion, it would be to separate those who have to type ex. While I did get surprised in the middle of one of my test sections with some loud typing, I otherwise could not have asked for a better test day experience.

Upon entering the test center, I was extremely nervous and was having trouble following the extremely simple instructions of the person responsible for checking everyone in. Fortunately, this person, Sunny, was very kind and patient.

He told me I could eat my breakfast in the back of the foyer, which had a table near a window. This was helpful because I was able to separate myself from the other test takers, eat my breakfast, and calm down.

After that, I felt a lot better, got checked-in properly, and began my test on time. Everything from there went very smoothly. Checking into prometric test rooms is an arduous process, you have to use your thumbprint and get swiped with a metal detector.

Bethesda writing center

Fortunately, the center is small and the staff works quickly. I was third in line to check into the test room, and I was waiting for my turn for less than 10 minutes. Bethesda writing center amenities in this prometric center are great.

The bathrooms are clean and close to the testing room.

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The temperature in the testing room itself is comfortable as well. She clearly cared about getting me back to my seat as fast as possible. This was a relief to me because I was on the clock and had a limited amount of time for breaks.

She also would have the sign-out book open to my page before I had even left the room. I was impressed that she took the time to learn my name, and also that she noticed and took action as soon as I got out of my chair, all to save me time on my break.

I know I certainly would have zoned out, and I really appreciated her attention to detail. Overall, I was very happy with my test day experience, and it is important to me that the staff here knows that they are doing a great job. The staff one in particular was very rude, demeaning, unprofessional, aggressive, and did not create a conducive environment for test taking.

It all started when I showed up a half hour early and entered the waiting room. No one came to help, so I entered the room with staff people. There was nothing posted that someone could not enter, so I walked in to ensure I completed the "intake. I then put my belongings into the locker and proceed back into the room to finish intake.

I had an appointment, gave you my ID, and you are treating me like a criminal. I brushed it off, and Rick? All the while, I am trying to finishing signing-in to take an exam. Talk about keeping the mood and having a friendly environment to stay focused!

Stay away from this center if you need to focus. Go somewhere else and avoid Prometric in Bethesda. I also HIGHLY recommend eating a very light lunch in your car powerbar, bottle of water and half a cheese sandwich were plenty for me and then getting right back to it on the longer tests - but I digress As someone who aces standardized tests, I feel that fear and bad vibes are contagious.

Test centers are the one place you pretty much want to ignore everyone and everything around you and focus. I ended up at this location due to available test dates, but I fully intend to take my remaining exams here. I arrived about 45 minutes before my appointment and was able to start my early.

The staff is very friendly and efficient, especially when you are trying to quickly get in and out of the test area for breaks. When you arrive, a member of the staff will sign you in, write down you launch code you do not bring a hard copy of your NTS into the testing area.

The man who wrote down my code double and triple checked to ensure he copied the number correctlyand take your ID your ID is returned once you go into the check area outside of the test area.

Once you arrive in the area outside the testing room, a staff member confirms your ID, takes a photo and fingerprints, and runs a mental detector wand over you. Then, you are escorted to your seat in the testing area.

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The staff is also very clear about no phones or notes while on breaks at least for CPA candidates. I saw that some people put water bottles on top of the lockers for easy access. I loved having the lockers.The Evil Within 2 is a third-person survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox game was released worldwide in October , and is the sequel to the video game The Evil Within.

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Mathnasium of North Bethesda serves the North Bethesda, Rockville, Kensington, and Garrett Park communities, including the Walter Johnson HS cluster.

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