An analysis of the character of eumaeus in the odyssey

The first ten were spent fighting in the Trojan War, and the next ten were spent in continual wanderings en route home from the war. His wife Penelope, meanwhile, has been harassed by dozens of suitors who have come to win her hand in marriage. Penelope, desperately clinging to the hope that her husband is still alive, tries to stall the suitors by making them an idle promise:

An analysis of the character of eumaeus in the odyssey

Penelope Wife of Odysseus and mother of their son, Telemachus, she is shrewd and faithful in fending off the suitors. Telemachus Son of Odysseus and Penelope, the prince struggles to gain his own maturity while attempting to deal with the problems of the palace.

Eurycleia Faithful old nurse to Odysseus as well as Telemachusshe identifies her master when she recognizes an old scar on his leg. Argos Trained by Odysseus some twenty years before, the discarded old dog, dying on a dung heap, recognizes his master as Odysseus and Eumaeus approach the palace.

Antinous and Eurymachus The two leading suitors, they differ in that Antinous is more physically aggressive while Eurymachus is a smooth talker. Agamemnon King of Mycenae and commander of the Greek expedition to Troy, he was assassinated by his wife and her lover upon his return home.

Odysseus sees him in the Land of the Dead. Tiresias The blind seer of Thebes, he meets Odysseus in the Land of the Dead, warns him of impending dangers, offers advice, and foretells a later quest and a long life. Alcinous King of the Phaeacians, he encourages Odysseus to tell the story of his wanderings and helps the hero return to Ithaca.

Nausicaa Daughter of Alcinous and Queen Arete, she finds Odysseus when he washes ashore on Phaeacia and expresses an attraction toward him. Gods, Monsters, and Supernatural Beings Zeus King of the gods, he is somewhat unpredictable but usually supports wayfaring suppliants, hospitality, and his daughter Athena in her concern for Odysseus.

Polyphemus Also known as "the Cyclops," the one-eyed cannibal giant who traps Odysseus and a scouting party in his cave and is blinded when they escape. Poseidon God of the sea and father of Polyphemus, he seeks revenge on Odysseus for blinding his son.

An analysis of the character of eumaeus in the odyssey

Aeolus Master of the winds, he helps Odysseus get within viewing distance of Ithaca but later abandons the voyager, concluding that anyone so unlucky must be cursed.The Odyssey Homework Help Questions. What is the importance of Odysseus's bed in Homer's Odyssey?

By the time Homer's audience encounters Odyssey .

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Summary Telemachus enters the dwelling of Eumaeus as the swineherd and Odysseus take their morning meal. Eumaeus, overjoyed to see Telemachus safely returned to Ithaca, embraces his master and weeps tears of joy.

An analysis of the character of eumaeus in the odyssey

Telemachus questions Eumaeus about his guest, and the swineherd explains Odysseus’ fictional situation. Analysis and discussion of characters in Homer's The Odyssey. A summary of Books 15–16 in Homer's The Odyssey.

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Lesson Summary. Homer's epic Greek work, The Odyssey, offers some truly memorable characters, one of whom is the faithful Eumaeus, servant and lifelong friend of Odysseus.

Eumaeus, from royal blood originally, was kidnapped as a boy and sent to live as a servant at the house of Odysseus's family, who raised him as one of their own.

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