Americas greatest challenge in the 21st century essay

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Americas greatest challenge in the 21st century essay

Philip Randolph threatens a march on Washington, D. President Roosevelt signs Executive Order prohibiting racial discrimination in defense industries and creating the Fair Employment Practices Committee. Randolph calls off the march. Largest strike wave in U.

Jackie Robinson integrates major league baseball. Truman desegregates the armed services with Executive Order Former vice president Henry Wallace campaigns for president on the Progressive Party ticket. Arthur Miller's play The Crucible premiers. Supreme Court rules in Brown v.

Americas greatest challenge in the 21st century essay

Board of Education that school segregation is unconstitutional. Daughters of Bilitis, founded, the first lesbian organization in the United States, founded. Wright Mills's The Power Elite published. Albert Bigelow--a former lieutenant commander in the U.

Navy who commanded three combat vessels in World War II--sets out from San Pedro, California, with four crewmen aboard the Golden Rule, a small sailboat, to protest nuclear testing in waters off the Marshall Islands, located in the western Pacific between Guam and Hawaii.

CBS broadcasts Edward R. Murrow's Harvest of Shame documentary about miserable conditions for migrant farm workers. Supreme Courts decides the Baker v. Carr case about political reapportionment, which led to what was then called the "one man, one vote" standard.

Michael Harrington publishes The Other America about widespread poverty. Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring about dangers of pesticides. Bob Dylan writes "Blowin' in the Wind.

March on Washington for jobs and freedom. Civil rights activists organize Mississippi Freedom Summer voter registration project. Congress passes the Civil Rights Act. Congress passed the Wilderness Act. Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing U.

Supreme Court decides Griswold v. Connecticut, striking down prohibition of contraceptive use by married couples. Watts riots in Los Angeles. United States sends troops to Vietnam.

First "teach-in" on the Vietnam War held at the University of Michigan. Supreme Court, the first African American to sit on the U. Supreme Court finds the state anti-miscegenation laws are unconstitutional, ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage.

Robert Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles during presidential campaign. Congress passes Fair Housing Act. Stonewall riot in Greenwich Village catalyzes the gay liberation movement.

Dennis Hayes organizes a movement to unseat "The Dirty Dozen," twelve members of Congress with poor records on environmental policy.

DDT banned in the United States.

Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling legalizes abortion. American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its official list of mental disorders. Congress passes the Endangered Species Act. Congress passes the Community Reinvestment Act outlawing racial discrimination in lending redlining.

Congress passes Superfund legislation, which mandates cleanup of abandoned hazardous waste sites by the parties responsible. Ronald Reagan elected president.Book of Mormon Problems.

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JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Like most Western nations, the United States faces profound challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. In this article, we will highlight some of these challenges that American society, specifically elected politicians, must deal with in the years to come.

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