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Catholic Health Association Affirms the Role of the Local Bishop in Catholic Health Care

Following those conversations, Sister Keehan and Archbishop Dolan exchanged letters to underscore the agreement evident in their conversations. The full text of each letter follows. I was pleased to hear of your appreciation of the role of Catholic hospitals in providing the healing ministry of Jesus to our country.

Acknowledgement cha

I was happy to have the opportunity to assure you that publicly and privately, CHA has always said to sponsors, governing board members, manager and clinicians that an individual Bishop in his diocese is the authoritative interpreter of the ERDs.

We explain that a Bishop has a right to interpret the ERDs and also to develop his own ethical and religious directives if he chooses. We are absolutely convinced that the teaching of the Church, in combination with a clear understanding of the clinical situation serves the people of God very well.

CHA has consistently worked to help its members and others have a general understanding of the ethical and religious directives, while at the same time, noting that the local bishop is the authoritative interpreter in that diocese of the directives.

Thank you for your efforts and your support of Catholic healthcare. Sincerely, Acknowledgement cha and Chief Executive Officer Dear Sister Carol, Thank you very much for your letter of January 18,following our recent telephone conversations. Petersburg, a member of the CHA Board. Your acknowledgement that the local bishop is the authoritative interpreter of the Ethical and Religious Directives in his Acknowledgement cha is a welcome and crucial component in understanding what is authentic Catholic moral teaching.

As you, Bishop Lynch and I discussed, any medical case, and especially one with unique complications, certainly requires appropriate consultation with medical professionals and ethical experts with specialization in the teaching of the Church.

Where conflicts arise, it is again the bishop who provides the authoritative resolution based on his teaching office. Once such a resolution of a doubt has been given, it is no longer a question of competing moral theories or the offering of various ethical interpretations or opinions of the medical data that can still be legitimately espoused and followed.

The matter has now reached the level of an authoritative resolution. As we look to the future, Sister Carol, there are many moments on the horizon that could present a challenge to both Catholic health care and to the USCCB. But these are also opportunities for us, as a Church, to reaffirm our commitment, especially to the poor and needy, as well as to our Catholic respect for the right to life, and for religious liberty.

It will be very important for the Church to speak with one voice on those occasions, and I would welcome the continued support of the CHA for these issues.

Two areas already come to mind: Now that the Patient Care Act is being discussed again, we have an opportunity to definitively resolve the outstandingquestions about its inclusion of funding for abortion services and for plans that include abortion.

I am so pleased that the CHA has expressed its support for this bill as stated in your letter toCongressman Pitts dated January 24,and that our staffs have recently met and are workingtogether on this and other policy matters.

The second area will be to protect the ability of our institutions to carry out their mission in conformity with our faith. As you so eloquently described on the phone, there are increasing political and social pressures that are trying to force the Church to compromise her principles.

The Church has felt these pressures in many areas, but for the present I am gravely concerned about the problem of illegitimate government intrusion in our health care ministries.

For example, significant and immediate concerns exist regarding the threats to conscience that we already identified while the Patient Care Act was under consideration.

Acknowledgement cha

These were unaddressed in the final law. We bishops have some specific ideas on how to address this problem, and we would welcome your suggested solutions as well.

For the sake of the common good and to assure the moral and doctrinal integrity of the exercise of the apostolate, we should work together to confront this and similar threats to conscience.

Again, Sister Carol, I thank you for your letter of clarification and your personal dedication to the healing ministry of Christ and His Church.

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