A discussion on the 2016 presidential election in the united states and a personal opinion that hila

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A discussion on the 2016 presidential election in the united states and a personal opinion that hila

Personal history[ edit ] El-Masri was born in Kuwait to Lebanese parents. He grew up in Lebanon. He immigrated to Germany in the s during the Lebanese civil warwhere he applied for political asylum, based on his membership in the Islamic Unification Movement.

It fought against the Lebanese government during the war years.

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In he obtained German citizenship through a previous marriage with a German woman, whom he later divorced. They have had five children together.

He was detained by Macedonian border officials on December 31,because his name was identical except for variations in Roman transliteration to that of Khalid al-Masriwho was being sought as an alleged mentor to the al-Qaeda Hamburg celland because of suspicion that El-Masri's German passport was a forgery.

He was held in a motel in Macedonia for over three weeks and questioned about his activities, his associates, and the mosque he attended in Ulm. The Macedonian authorities contacted the local CIA station, who in turn contacted the agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

According to a December 4,article in the Washington PostCIA agents discussed whether they should remove El-Masri from Macedonia in an extraordinary rendition. The decision to do so was made by the head of the al Qaeda division of the CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center, Alfreda Frances Bikowskyon the basis of "a hunch" that El-Masri was involved in terrorism ; his name was similar to suspected terrorist Khalid al-Masri.

El-Masri later described them as members of a "black snatch team. He also said that his custodians forcibly inserted an object into his anus. Upon examination, the CIA's Office of Technical Services swiftly concluded it was genuine and that his continued detention would be unjustified.

After 27 days without eating, he forced a meeting with the prison director and a CIA officer known as "The Boss". They conceded he should not be imprisoned but refused to release him.

El-Masri continued his hunger strike for 10 more days until he was force-fed and given medical attention. While imprisoned in Afghanistan, Masri befriended several other detainees.

The men memorized each other's telephone numbers so that if one was released, he could contact the families of the others.

His description of his abduction and detention closely matched that of El-Masri. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice learned of the German citizen's detention in early May and ordered his release.

He was intercepted by Albanian guards, who believed him to be a terrorist due to his haggard and unkempt appearance. He was returned to Germany. It took time for him to be reunited with his wife; with no word of him for so long, she thought he had abandoned her and their family, and returned with their children to her family in Lebanon.

Using isotope analysisscientists at the Bavarian archive for geology in Munich analyzed his hair; they verified that he was malnourished during his disappearance.

A discussion on the 2016 presidential election in the united states and a personal opinion that hila

Mekhennet later travelled to Algeria and other countries and interviewed prisoners who had been held with El-Masri. Some press reports attributed the Americans barring him entry due to his name remaining on the watch list and being confused with Khalid al-Masri.Nov 04,  · The Hoover Institution is an American public policy think tank and research institution located at Stanford University in California.

Its official name is the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace. It began as a library founded in by Republican Herbert Hoover, before he became President of the United States.

The library, known as the Hoover Institution Library and Archives. The United States, Japan and South Korea said Sunday's launch was a ballistic missile test, and like last month's nuclear test, a violation of U.N.

resolutions. The U.S. Senate voted unanimously in favor of tougher sanctions. Her discussion, together with Todd Hitt, CEO of Kiddar Capital, at the United States Institute of Peace, focused on capitalism in the 21st century and its relationship to the rising wealth gap in the United States.

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Rabbi Warns of Civil War in the United States by Eliyahu Berkowitz - 4/1/ The Riminov Rebbe, gave an unequivocal command to the Jews to leave and . On April 9th, , the IACHR decided to request that precautionary measures be adopted in favor of D.S., in the United States of America.

D.S. is a citizen of El Salvador who fled her country and sought asylum in the United States of America.

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